Rain Poem

As the shimmering rain falls down the city lights begin to drown. The cold wispy wind grabs for my hair, why does the weather have to be so unfair. The road rejects the icy water and the new plants are getting slaughtered. A storm begins their is no doubt and a little kid begins to shout. The drops slid down windscreens as it washes the city clean. Why couldn’t the rain wait another minute.


Hi I am Molly. I am a year 7 student at O.I.S in room 10 ,I enjoy playing sports reading and hanging out with my friends.My teacher is the wonderful ms may.I enjoy cooking and baking plus going on big adventures.I am 11 years old I have a little sister and a big brother.I have a little dog called Archie a cat called Maggie and a rabbit called Arlo.

5 thoughts on “Rain Poem

  1. Hello,
    Ella had a nice display of color. The difference is that you have added rain and used the night. Cheers

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